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If you look constantly tired or struggle with diminished vision due to drooping eyelids, turn to the experienced providers at Luminary Dermatology to see if blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can help. The practice has convenient offices in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Homestead, Kendall, and Northport, Florida. To learn more about blepharoplasty and find out if it can help refresh your appearance and open up your vision, call the office nearest you or request an appointment online.

What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery or an eyelid tuck, is a procedure to remove excess fat or drooping skin to remove interference with your vision and rejuvenate your eyes’ appearance. It can create a more youthful, “wide awake” look and make it easier to see clearly.

Whether you are interested in blepharoplasty for cosmetic or functional reasons, Luminary Dermatology works to enhance your natural beauty while upholding the highest standard of care.

Am I a candidate for blepharoplasty?

A thorough evaluation at Luminary Dermatology can determine your candidacy, but you are likely to qualify for blepharoplasty if:

  • The delicate skin structure around your eyes has noticeably changed over time
  • You have sagging skin due to prolonged allergies
  • Excess eye skin impacts your self-confidence
  • Drooping skin interferes with your ability to see clearly

Communicating your goals clearly is important to achieving the best outcome. Your provider can discuss reasonable expectations for your results and tailor your procedure to meet your needs.

What can I expect during blepharoplasty?

After your initial consultation and examination, including an eye exam, your provider may take photographs of the area to help plan the procedure. You may need to stop taking certain medications, cease smoking, and arrange for someone to drive you home and take care of you for the first night after your eyelid surgery.

Blepharoplasty is an outpatient procedure. The area is numbed for your comfort. Your surgeon makes a small incision along the fold of the eyelid to minimize visible scarring and removes or redistributes excess or sagging fat, muscle, and skin. They then close the cut, and you begin recovery.

What is the healing process like after blepharoplasty?

Your eyes may feel sore, tight, itchy, or sensitive for a few days, with temporarily blurry vision. Keep your eyelids clean and avoid rubbing or scratching the area. You can use ice packs, eye drops, and over-the-counter medications to relieve discomfort.

Any stitches will be removed after 5-10 day, and your eyelid’s swelling or bruising will disappear after 1-3 weeks. Over the course of the next few months, the appearance of the area will continually improve, with your final results visible after about 3 months.

Sagging eyelids can age you and block your view of the world around you. Call the nearest Luminary Dermatology office or book your consultation online today to see if blepharoplasty provides a solution.