Healthy Aging Month

Sep 26, 2021

Healthy Aging Month

September is Healthy Aging Month and Luminary Dermatology would be remiss if we bypassed this opportunity to talk about, you guessed it—sun protection! As advocates of the skin, it is our duty to arm you with the educational tips you need for your skin to thrive.

Sun protection is the first step of anti-aging skincare. Long term and frequent exposure to sunlight can cause a variety of cosmetic and medical dermatological problems, commonly referred to as sun damage. Sun damage can affect any area of the skin that is excessively exposed to ultraviolet rays; it most commonly occurs on the face, hands, and arms. Years of sun exposure can result in sun spots, age spots, rough skin, and wrinkles; it can also lead to premature aging and skin cancer.

Individuals with light skin are more prone to developing age spots, as are those with a history of frequent sunburn. They are also most common in people older than 40.

The best treatment against sun damage is preventing it from occurring in the first place. An effective anti-aging skincare plan starts with healthy skincare habits. To help your skin age gracefully, it is important to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. Additional ways to protect your skin include avoiding tanning beds and donning protective clothing. Prevent premature skin again by also drinking less alcohol, gently cleansing your skin, applying moisturizer on a daily basis, and if you smoke—stop!

Our Luminary providers are always around the corner to assist you in constructing a skincare regimen that’s perfect for you. If you’re past the point of prevention, allow us to help you in the removal of sun spots or the reduction of wrinkles. We can offer you quality care by the top dermatologists!