Have You Heard of Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Sep 05, 2021

Have You Heard of Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Hidradenitis suppurativa effects approximately 1 to 4 percent of people in the United States. This skin condition causes small, painful lumps to form beneath the surface of one’s skin. These lumps tend to develop in regions where skin has more friction such as the armpit, inner thighs, buttocks, etc. Hidradenitis suppurativa is also known as inverse acne. In most individuals, this skin condition tends to arise after puberty.

Recognize the Symptoms

Small, pea-sized lumps that lie beneath the skin’s surface and are painful are a common indicator. While one lump may develop over the course of a multiple months, additional lumps may begin to take shape, later. Whether these lumps arise in one place, or several places, hidradenitis suppurativa usually impacts both sides of one’s body. Small, pitted areas with blackheads is another indicator. Some individuals even develop sinus tracts under their skin, often referred to as “tunnels.”

Recognize the Symptoms

A patient diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa under his armpit, with visible red painful fistulas. Irritated skin and hair follicles, abscess.

Treating this Condition

There are three stages that determine the severity in a case of hidradenitis suppurativa. A qualified medical provider will determine the best treatment option depending on which stage one’s hidradenitis suppurativa is. There are numerous treatment options available to manage this condition, including, medications, injections, or surgeries. Lifestyle changes such as weight loss, staying cool, frequent bathing, loose-fitted clothing and quitting smoking can also help manage symptoms. Dermatologists treating hidradenitis suppurativa may also implement a skincare regimen including products that will avoid agitation.

Luminary Physician, Harib Ezaldein, MD has an abundance of experience in navigating this skin condition. If you or a loved one may be suffering from hidradenitis suppurativa, contact our Homestead, Florida office—or whichever location is nearest you, to seek the treatment and relief you deserve.

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