3 Effective Acne Treatments You May Not Have Tried

Mar 12, 2024

3 Effective Acne Treatments You May Not Have Tried

Roughly 50 million Americans suffer from acne, the most common skin condition in the United States. Acne happens when bacteria, dead skin cells, and oils get trapped inside your pores, causing infections that lead to pimples and pustules. 

At Luminary Dermatology, our team understands the physical and emotional effects of acne. That’s why we offer several treatment options beyond the medications and topical products typically prescribed. In this post, learn about 3 alternatives you might not know about that could help give you a clearer complexion.

1. Chemical peels

Chemical peels are well known for their anti-aging benefits, but what many people don’t know is that peels can help treat acne-prone skin, too. Our peels use special solutions designed specifically for acne treatment, promoting skin turnover and exfoliation to clean out pores and prevent future breakouts.

During a peel, we apply the solution to your skin for a specified period of time. When that time is up, the peel is neutralized and gently washed away. Afterward, you can expect some mild peeling or flaking as new, healthy skin is revealed.

In addition to peels formulated for active acne, chemical peels can help diminish the appearance of scars left behind by deeper cystic acne. The number of peels you’ll need depends on your goals, your skin type, the strength of the peel, and other factors — which is why every peel treatment is tailored on an individual basis for optimal results.

2. Phototherapy

Phototherapy uses high-intensity lightwaves to penetrate your skin painlessly, destroying bacteria deep inside your pores. Because it doesn’t involve harsh chemicals or topical medications, phototherapy can be a good choice for people with mild to moderate acne who have very sensitive skin.

In addition to destroying bacteria, phototherapy helps reduce inflammation that can lead to redness even after breakouts subside. Because it’s gentle, phototherapy can be performed on a regular basis to help achieve your goals and keep severe breakouts at bay.

3. Acne facials

Like chemical peels, many people consider facials to be primarily a cosmetic treatment focused on replenishing nutrients and improving the appearance of tired complexions. But just as chemical peels use different solutions to treat acne-prone skin, facials can also be customized to help prevent breakouts and improve skin health. 

At our practice, we use facial products and techniques specifically designed to manage acne breakouts. Facials include a unique combination of cleansing, exfoliation, and deep nourishment to unclog and clean out pores.

Gentle massage and extraction techniques ramp up circulation for reduced redness and inflammation and better skin health overall. Finally, moisturizers and serums support a healthy skin barrier to prevent breakouts by helping lessen bacterial buildup.

Acne treatment that works

Each of these three options can be used alone or in combination with oral or topical medications, helping you find a combination that works for your skin’s unique and specific needs. 

To learn more about these and other acne-fighting treatments we offer, book an appointment online or over the phone with the team at Luminary Dermatology. We have offices in Arcadia, Miami, Homestead, Sarasota, Venice, Longboat Key, Bradenton, and Northport, Florida, and Midwest City, Oklahoma.